Where Are These Classmates?

We were unable to locate the following individuals and we need your help finding them! If you have knowledge of their whereabouts, please e-mail us at rgeary9259@aol.com. Thanks.

Dale Albright Julie Beinarauskas
Richard Bennet Howard Black
Kathy Brooky
Donald Bucy Shirley Campbell
John Chesson Ted Craig
Kathy Ferry Craig Fortney
Debra Griffiths Richard Griffiths
Debbie Helmick
Timothy Izbicki Steven Johnston
Mark Keresman Jeannie Knapp
Kim Kohl Joan Kramer
Sandra Krills Iris Kurka
Robert Kushner Linda Kutchak
Paula Lewoc Ava Long
James Lucas Shelly Miller (Ashcroft)
Keith Moore
Sharon O'Connell
Barbara Posey
Amos Rager Karen Robbins
Thomas Rohosky Lenore Sherman
Alana Shurtz Phillip Sinclair
Tami Smith Sandi Walsh
Paula Waseleski (Watson) Glen Watson
Theresa Wolfe
Cindy Wood

A few new names to the list who we thought we had addresses for but don't:
Ruth Sietz Steve Sallinger
Anna Burkholder Bebe Barco
Gina Barackman Ron Noga

Thanks to all who have sent us info so far concerning any lost classmates!!